JD Manufacturing

JD Manufacturing are experts in manufacturing wire products specifically helicals and wire ancilliaries for structural environmental and security Gabion barriers, supplying leading manufacturers and suppliers of Gabions throughout the UK and Europe.

Helicals supplied by JD Manufacturing are accurately reproduced to virtually any length using quality materials including Galfan coated or stainless steel wire on modern cnc controlled Wafios machinery.

JDManufacturing can work from customers CAD drawings to make bespoke designed wire products. Please contact us directly to discuss the possibilities and price for your 2D and 3D parts. 

We can follow strict customer specific quality control procedures to assure high product standards resulting in faster assembly times.

JD Manufacturing

are proud to be an approved supplier to our clients;

Our Helicals can be found in Hesco products

Hesco Military security gabion walls

Our Helicals can also be found in products by Gabion Design Solutions

Gabion helicals in garden wall design